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At Goulais Plumbing LTD we specialize in Home Heating systems using Gas and Propane boiler and Combi boiler systems. Trained in Germany when in floor and radiant heating was the norm and long before it was considered an option in North America we have been installing these systems to run as efficiently as possible. Home owners should note, just because you are installing a Hot Water Heating system does not mean it will run efficiently, the design of the system is of the utmost importance. Expertly trained installers are needed to make sure your system runs as efficiently as possible. If you are considering installing an In Floor heating system, or hot water boiler with radiant heat, call us for a consultation and free quote. We can assure you that we will impress you with our knowledge, experience and expertise. 

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Which heating system is better for your home?

Traditionally in a Furnace system, the furnace heats air that is distributed throughout your home via a blower and duct system.  Furnaces use warm air, which creates a drafty environment, this is great in the summer for cooling, but uncomfortable for heating.

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Boilers, or Hydronic Heating utilizes Circulation pumps to distribute hot water through piping systems to radiators, or in floor piping.  This provides a steady heat with good temperature consistency.

A Hydronic heating system will not spread dust, and allergens throughout your home, or dryout the air like a forced air system.  With the added bonus of a combi unit, to deliver unlimited hot water.

Boiler or Hydronic heat systems can run on gas, oil, electricity, or alternative fuels, such as wood.

When it comes to Boiler vs. Furnace, which makes more sense to you?  Do you want a gentle comfortable heat, or drafty and dusty heat?

Financing available!

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